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  • What will I need to bring with me to the sessions?
    If you are attending one of our taster sessions then you just need to bring yourself, that’s all! Light refreshments will also be provided at these sessions but you are also welcome to bring your own. For our 8 week MSC courses you will need a notebook and pen. You are welcome to bring any sitting equipment such as a meditation cushion or kneeling stool and a blanket for comfort. These items are not essential as the humble chair is a great piece of equipment and often the preferred choice, and there are plenty of these! For our 8 week MBSR courses you will need your own yoga style mat, a blanket, and a cushion or pillow for your own comfort. We suggest you borrow or invest in these items as this will also support you with your home practice. You are also welcome to bring any sitting equipment such as a meditation cushion or kneeling stool, although chairs will also be provided.
  • What if I can not attend all of the 8 sessions?
    These courses are an investment in your health and well-being and so we would suggest that if you know that you will miss more than one session, that it may be wiser to wait until you can fit this into your schedule another time. The course is an experiential learning commitment and the sessions build on each other. What you will get from the course will depend on to what degree you attend and engage with the course materials. We understand that sometimes life events happen that may mean we need to miss a session. An outline of the session and home practice will be in the workbook, and we can offer a brief telephone catch up session but we may need to charge separately for this. If you are unsure about if this is the right time to commit to a course, then please make contact and we can explore this together.
  • Do I have to attend a taster session before joining an 8 week course?
    In short no! We find that many people take the course after exploring mindfulness at home using books and phone apps. If you feel ready to commit to a course and explore mindfulness with others then please dive in! If you are totally new to mindfulness and are not sure how this may benefit you, then it may be useful to attend a taster session first to get more information and experience some mindfulness practice. If you are not sure then please do make contact and we can explore this together.
  • Do you offer concessions and payment plans?
    It is important to us that mindfulness courses are accessible to everyone regardless of financial circumstances. If you are very motivated to engage with a course but your financial situation prevents you from doing so, please consider the following; There are a limited number of concessions available for those in receipt of benefits and very low incomes. If you regularly struggle to pay your bills and buying coffee, food or trips out is a very rare occurrence, then please do request this. Please note that any concessions are based on trust as we do not ask for proof, except where we may have gained external funding for concessions which may ask for this. Payment plans can be arranged but please contact us to discuss. We are also open to explore exchanges in services and time. If you have a specific skill to offer, and this is something that we may be able to utilise, then please get in touch to discuss how this may work. Please note that we have invested personally in training to teach these courses for the benefit of sharing these practices rather than for profit. We can only offer concessions as and when circumstances allow, and with the support of those who are able to pay full cost for the courses.
  • How many people will there be on a course?
    There is usually between 8 and 16 on course which we find works well. Small enough that you may get to know your fellow participants, but large enough that we will all benefit from the shared learning and support of the group.
  • I am nervous about group situations, do I have to talk in the group and how much would I be expected to share?"
    We spend time to set up the group in a safe and friendly way so that everyone feels welcome and supported. You are welcome to participate at a level that feels right for you and we often work in smaller groups so that everyone will have a chance to share and contribute. Not everyone chooses to speak in the larger group, although we do find that as the group is small and friendly, that most people do settle into this. If you are concerned about how you will manage this please do make contact so that we can discuss this. We endeavour to support everyone so that you can engage in the course for your full benefit.
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