Monthly drop-in groups

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Cost: TBC (concessions available)

Maintaining a regular formal mindfulness practice is one of the well known challenges for those who have completed 8-week mindfulness courses. This challenge can often be helped with the support of a group who are committed, have the shared experience of practice and a structure to support a sense of community. This has been the subject of new academic research and it has found to be highly beneficial to engage in a group beyond the 8-week courses. We are therefore running an ongoing ‘closed group’ of regular individuals who have completed an 8-week course. The support groups will run once a month, will support learning and explore different themes to deepen practice. There will be formal practices as well as opportunities for discussion about the theme of the month and the challenges of keeping a practice alive. 


These committed monthly groups cost £15 a month, payable by standing order. The support group is an opportunity to get to know other people who have also engaged with the practice. As you get to know each other better over the months you will gain support from the sense of community and a shared commitment to the group and practice.