Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR)


What does the course involve?

The course consists of 8 weekly 2 hour sessions, with an additional full day of guided practice after week 6.  

The course cost is £230 (we offer discount to those in receipt of benefits and not currently working, please let us know if this applies to you) which includes a telephone orientation session prior to the course start, 22 hours of contact time, and a workbook and guided practices. 

During the sessions we will be exploring a range of different mindfulness practices with time for discussion and group exercises to support our learning. Through these you will learn to deal more skilfully with the challenges of modern day life and daily stress. By paying attention to what happens in our bodies and mind, we can learn to spot our early ‘warning signs,’ giving us an opportunity to find new ways of responding, rather than reacting in automatic, but often unhelpful patterns.

Here is a brief overview of the sessions:

Week One      

Automatic pilot

Week Two        

Being awake to our experience

Week Three    

Mindfulness of breathing and the body in movement

Week Four      

Stress reactivity    

Week Five        

Using mindfulness to respond

Week Six          

Communication and interpersonal mindfulness

Week Seven    

How can I best take care of myself

Week Eight      

Keeping your mindfulness alive


The most important part of the course is the daily home practice, as without this the muscle of attention will not grow, and our mindfulness will not be there when we most need it! The home practices are on average 30 minutes daily, 6 days per week, with a small amount of reading, and an invitation to record experiences in the workbook.  Informal practices are also built into the course, but this doesn’t require any extra time, just a commitment to try and remember to do them!

Is the course for me?

The course is suitable for everyone wishing to improve their general health and well-being, but may be particularly helpful for those experiencing stress or feeling ‘dissatisfied’ with life.  While it is commonly reported that practising mindfulness not only helps in reducing symptoms of stress, it can also enable us to be more present in our daily lives, giving us a greater appreciation of the times we are experiencing ease and joy. 

While there is much research indicating how this course may be useful for a variety of physical and mental health conditions, this programme is not being offered as a treatment for a specific illness. However, it may support us in managing our various health needs so that we can respond wisely to ourselves and not add further stress and difficulty. On booking we will ask you for information about your physical and emotional health to ensure that this is suitable for you at this time.

For booking please email us and we will send you a booking form. If you are interested in the course but are not sure if it is right for you, or if you have any questions you are very welcome to call me on 07709323518.

Course Dates 

NEXT COURSE STARTS Thursday 6th February 2020,  7.15-9.15pm, plus an additional day of practice at a weekend between week 6 and 8 ( date to be confirmed).

St Mary's Community Room, St Marys Road, Portsmouth PO3 6BB

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Portsmouth, UK